The importance of a good seal

When installing a new windshield, we have to use a caulking gun to place a steady bead of urethane glue. This is the glue that keep the window attached to the body of the car. It is extremely strong and can withstand cold and hot temperatures.

There are a few very important things to know about using urethane, and a lot of it comes with years of experience with using it. One thing that many people neglect, is that it needs a special chemical to actually bond to a surface. Without this primer, it will just peel off. The other most important factor, is that you need to know exactly how much to use, and how to place it to get the best seal possible.

Many people think that more glue is better. It makes sense if you think about it. The truth is, there is a “sweet spot” for the exact amount that you should use, and it varies between vehicles.

In the picture below, you can see a nice steady line of urethane has been holding this windshield attached. Also, this is the ideal amount and it stays consistent the whole way through.

The bottom most black line is the urethane seal.

In the next section, there is a video where you can see what the seal should NOT look like. If you notice, there is no seal at all. This is something that we come across a little too often. It also proves to us that there are still some inexperienced installers that are neglecting the use of proper installation methods.

And lastly, we will sometimes see the work of somebody who took it on themselves to install their own windows. This goes to show that, even with the right tools and supplies, you still need to know how to use them to do the job right.


It isn’t very common, but some installers do this “zig-zag” pattern to place the urethane on the body of the vehicle. Again, it seems like it makes sense, but this is a nightmare for any chance of a possible good seal.

The biggest concern is that you won’t even notice that a job was done poorly until it’s too late. In an industry that requires lots of experience, the term “you get what you payed for” is an understatement.

Driving with a crack in your windshield: safe or unsafe?

This is a question that cannot be answered in one word. The truth is, it depends on the location of the damage as well as the type of damage.

The best way to determine if your car is safe to drive with a cracked windshield is to look through it from the driver's seat. If your view is obstructed in any way, shape, or form, then it may be a hazard to drive the vehicle. If your windshield is noticeably damaged, you may get pulled over and receive a fine anywhere between $100 and $500.

The rules could also apply to chips that are directly in the vision of the driver. A chip repair takes less than 20 minutes and most auto glass repair companies can come straight to your home or work with the a very common standard of mobile service, for a convenient and quick service to your vehicle. Having the entire windshield replaced also takes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, with the same mobile service provided.

Will my glass shatter while I'm driving?

No. Windshields are engineered with to stay intact, even after a major collision. You could potentially drive with your broken windshield for years and your glass will never shatter, but you will still run the risk of receiving a traffic ticket.

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What you NEED to know about windshield chips!

What you NEED to know about windshield chips!

Have you ever had a stone hit your window on the highway? It's LOUD! If you're lucky, then a loud noise is the only thing you had to put up with. For the rest of us, it left it's mark. So now there's a chip on your windshield, and it becomes a matter of time before that chip cracks.

What should you do next?

Call us immediately!

We will come to your aid and repair that chip, making sure it won't turn into a crack.

We offer chip repair at an incredible price, and that includes our fantastic warranty. We are so confident in our expert service, that we offer a lifetime warranty on your chip repair.

Why should you repair a chip?

To save money!

To replace the entire windshield can cost up to ten times more than the price of repairing it. By actively putting a stop to the possibility of your windshield cracking, you can save hundreds of dollars.

For more information about stone chip repairs, read this article about the importance of stone chip repairs and you can save hundreds of dollars.

Insurance Claims - Quick and Simple

It is very easy to be steered away from wanting to make an insurance claim. For windshield repairs and replacements, it doesn’t have to be a headache. It is as simple as calling your broker/agent, and inquiring about making a repair to your vehicle.

In most cases, your insurance will cover the entire cost of the replacement. Since glass coverage is comprehensive, your premiums/rates will not change.

It is also worth mentioning that your insurance company may try to persuade you to use their own replacement shop, making you pay out of pocket in addition to filing an insurance claim. This can be easily avoided by telling your broker/agent that you have already found a shop(Top Auto Glass) to handle the repairs.

We are growing!

We were so happy with our new van at the start of the year, we just had to have a second one! Our mobile service just became a lot more promising.

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Faulty Electrical Components

Here is an example of an electrical component that is part of a windshield with heating that is meant to keep ice from building on the windshield wipers. In this case, this was a faulty component which caused electrical sparks. This caused the windshield to crack. This is quite rare and could be easily avoided with careful installation.

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Stone Chip Repair

Repairing your stone chip is the best alternative to replacing your entire windshield. We guarantee that your chip will never turn into a crack, and the structural integrity if your windshield will be fully restored.

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We have a new look!

You can say goodbye to our well known van. We are going in the direction of something that will be much more easy to identify.

Our mobile service van for 2006 to 2014

The time has come for us to change the way we get around. For years, we have been driving a very reliable GMC Savanah. It has served us well for the many thousands of kilometres that drove with it. Today, we decided to use something a little smaller. Introducing our new work van, the Nissan NV200.

New service van with bigger graphics

With our bigger, more detailed graphics, we are looking forward to making an impression on everybody who sees us. We are certainly enjoying the new look and we hope you do, too!

Blog page officially open!

We now have a new page on our website!

The blog page will have a few purposes. We want to be able to share any interesting or unique things that may happen while we are out on a call. These posts will include photos with detailed descriptions. We would also like to educate our customers so they know what their options are, and to help them choose what is best for them. And lastly, we want to have all the small local businesses that we associate with to have a bit of recognition from us.

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