Why Choose Us?

We have established a strong reputation with all local auto glass suppliers. This gives us access to finding you the highest quality glass for the lowest possible price.

We offer a lifetime warranty for our auto glass services to your vehicle.

We bring the shop to you! With our free mobile service, windshield repair is done at a location most convenient to you. Whether you are at home or at work, we will drive to you.

When you choose Top Auto Glass, you receive a handful of services that are usually left out of the conversation. These are services that we offer to you as a courtesy, and we will never charge you extra for them.

Broken Glass is messy. Let us handle it!

Broken glass scattered around the inside of a vehicle.

Included in your auto glass replacement, we vacuum the mess that is the result of shattered glass.

We carry our own shop vacuum on board to every glass that we service.

We understand that glass inside your vehicle can cause plenty of discomfort, so let us take care of it.

Rust and holes: windshield cracks and leaks

When your vehicle is exposed to the elements of being stored outdoors, there is a good chance that it has developed some rust over the years. Sometimes, rust will begin to build beneath your windshield. This could cause your windshield to crack. In severe conditions, the rust will eat away the body of the vehicle and will create holes which will allow water to enter your vehicle. This could damage the elecctrical components that need to stay dry inside your vehicle.

We follow 5 simple steps to address this issue. (for free, of course)

  1. Identify the problem area and notify you.
  2. Remove the build up of rust surrounding your glass.
  3. Clean the troubled area.
  4. Fill any holes.
  5. Apply our high quality anti-corrosion primer.


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