Every Tim Hortons In Ajax

As a small joke on our Ajax service areas page, I mentioned how I could easily name all the Tim Hortons within a 15 km radius. Why is this impressive? It’s because I have each location memorized. Ajax may not be bigger than a 15 km radius, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t name ever Tim Hortons off the top of my head. After so many years of being the top auto glass service in Ajax, ON, we have had the chance to stop by every single Tim Hortons in town.

town of ajax - tim hortons - convenience triangle

After reading this, you may have discovered a few hidden locations to make your Tims runs operate more efficiently. If you’re buying, we take our coffee black!

Harwood and Kingston Rd.

This Tim Hortons shares it’s space with a gas station and is actually pretty difficult to get into. Most times, I’ll only go here if I’m going north on Harwood, East on Kingston, or if I’m turning left onto Kingston from Harwood and traffic is light enough to let me jump a few lanes.

Salem and Kingston Rd.

The only other Tim Hortons on Kingston Rd. (HWY 2) is the one just past Salem Avenue. It shares a building with a Wendy’s and is at the of the lot between Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Cineplex, and Walmart.

While we’re talking about Kingston Rd., I just want to air my grievances with the new bus lanes. Who designed this atrocity? It doesn’t seem safe, and it doesn’t make sense. Rather than fixing it, they have Durham Regional Police doubling down to enforce it. What a mess!

Salem and Rossland

This next Tim Hortons is probably hurting right now. The plaza it’s located it is like a labyrinth to get in or out of. I’ve personally skipped this one many times because of how much extra time it takes to go to it. Located at Salem and Rossland, this Tim Hortons is probably saving everyone other businesses in this plaza.

Harwood and Rossland

The next closest one is just under a kilometer away to the west. At Harwood and Rossland(in our hood), we have one of the easiest accessible Timmies to choose from. The super big parking lot and driving space around the entire property make this a very easy choice.

Salem and (Just South Of) HWY 401

The parking lot is easy to get in and out of. It’s not the most perfect parking lot, but the location more than makes up for it. Being right next to the highway makes it a very attractive stop for people who are passing by. For us locals, it’s a great pit stop before heading in any direction.

Harwood and Bayly

Located in the huge Food Basics/Shoppers Drug Mart plaza. This Tim Hortons doesn’t exactly have an easy drive-thru either. What is with awkward drive-thrus in Ajax? I’d love to give you the best way to access this one, but it really is just about weaving your way through the plaza parking lot.

Westney and Bayly

There’s a Tim Hortons at Westney and Bayly?! You bet. It’s one of those tucked away, behind the gas station drive-thrus. As much as I’ve said about awkward drive-thrus, this is probably the least awkward. It’s an easy gas station to pull into, and you just drive around to the back to get your double-double.

Westney and Clements

Okay, this one isn’t right at Clements. It’s just north of it. If you know this location, you’ve probably driven past it even if you were on your way to buy coffee. Why is that? Well, that’s because of yet another super awkward parking lot. There is a perfectly good entrance that’s been specially designed to block you from using that entrance coming from Westney. You need to take the side road to get into the parking lot. That perfectly good entrance from Westney is exit-only.

Salem and Taunton

This plaza has a bank and some foodie spots. It’s not the most convenient location but there is almost never a lineup and there are zero awkward factors with the parking lot.

Did I Miss Any?

These Tim Hortons locations can be pretty elusive. I’m pretty confident about having named every single one. Do you know of any other locations that I may have left out of this list?

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