How To Build A Temporary Car Door Window

We’ve been replacing people’s car door windows for over 30 years. We’ve seen everything. Some solutions are better than others. We do our best to get to you as quickly as possible, but sometimes you’re just going to be stuck in a situation where you’re going to be waiting.

Besides checking the local weather report, what can you do in the meantime? This article is here to show a quick and easy way to fashion a temporary shelter for your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding your car glass repair you can always give us a call!

Method 1: The Garbage Bag

This method is only recommended if you’re planning to leave your car parked. It’s only good if you’re worried about rain or snow pouring into your car. A black garbage bag will obviously block out and impair your vision while driving. If you use this method, it is highly recommended you do not go driving.

We’ve seen many different ways of doing this. Not all car doors have the same shape. This makes it difficult to show a perfect example for every vehicle type. In the photo above, the garbage bag is pulled over the opening of the door and the door is closed over it. This leaves both ends of the garbage bag fairly loose.

Even with the door closed, you can still slide and maneuver the plastic bag into a position that makes the most sense. In this example, the garbage bag isn’t big enough to cover the entire window. A second garbage will be necessary to cover the other half of the window.

With the door closed, adjust the plastic bag into a position where it covers the opening. Pull it down enough to make a snug and tight fight. Be careful not to pull too much or you will pull it out of the door entirely and will have to start over.

Once the bag is in a good position, use masking tape to adhere the plastic to your vehicle. If you are doing this the same way shown in the example, then tape the plastic bag to itself in the inside of the door.

Why Masking Tape

Whether you choose masking tape or duct tape, the job will still get done. The biggest issue we’ve seen with duct tape is the residue that gets left-over after the fact. Removing the goo from duct tape requires a solvent and takes some tough scrubbing.

We’ve seen masking tape works just as effectively as duct tape. The only draw-back is the potential of the masking tape coming undone. It ultimately comes down to picking your battles. Do you want easier clean-up, or do you want more peace of mind knowing the plastic bag will hold up? For a temporary solution, we recommend masking tape.

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